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Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Christmas

A wonderful time was had by all even the dog.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Silent Night To You All

A whole lot to get in order, in order to get it all ready to be done for the upcoming holiday. Yet, I am sitting by the fire with my dog at my feet. My daughter is out. My son is one computer, my husband is on the other & here I am on the third. It is soooo quiet. I am listening to quiet that matches the snow outside. Dusk is upon is and so is joy, a peaceful, quiet joy.

A silent night to you all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get out of town

That we did last week. We went to Cincinnati. It was an under 48 hour trip but it felt good to regroup. It was also good to be with friends that we rarely get to see.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It is time to get back in the swing of things! Gotta love the holidays. I feel like I should be overwhelmed but all is good. Cheers!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Love these ideas

These are the the type of women who make my head spin. In another life, I will stay home & do it all too


But she does a good job doing it all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Need I say more?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I think I am back

Yes, an afternoon with only 4 carpool drop offs & pick ups. A moment to look at the fall foliage. Tried to run this afternoon but can't run in the p.m. anymore. I get all woozy. Mornings are for sure better even in the dark. But I am working on it. So what I have been up to...here are a few photos of the past few months that I have been away. Nothing & everything special

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puttin on the brakes

As you may or may not have noticed, I am not posting anything new lately. I am taking a break. We are extremely lazy around here - me especially. I am hoping that once school starts & I start again, I will post again. Thanks for reading & hopefully, I will start again soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Dang, I missed it again! Yes, it is Monday again.

I don't have much to talk about this week either. I am "trying" to be frugal & not spend too much.

But I did return something to Lucy & bought a clearance shirt & shorts. Oh so comfy!

I am enjoying two new blogs; Pioneer Woman.com & Dooce.com.

My son wants zucchini bread but I am intrigued by this recipe for green tomato bread on Cooks.com.

Enjoy the week!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Topping

Winding down. Yes, swimming is over for my 13 yr. old & tennis is winding down too. We are starting up with other sports too but my daughter has some down time.

She has opened a book called "Seams to Me" By Anna Maria Horner. It is a starter sewing book with so many cute crafts. Her first project is a dog bed for our new puppy. Cross your fingers, it should look good & be extra comfy for Cooper!

I too picked up a recipe book called Fast Fix meals. It is full of easy meals that i know my kids will like. The first meal I want to make is chicken turnovers. I already made the fantastic Rah-rah Buckeye Bars. Oh sooo yummy & almost gone in less than 24 hours.

I am truly ga-ga for these pants & can't wait to order them for the fall. Boden is my favorite line. Boden pants

Busy week coming up! Enjoy yours!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Where is my camera? Why is it so hard to blog without a camera? Well, we are getting a new one. But it is not ready yet. I have 4 shots in my head that I know I want to show ya!

My husband took the memory cards out of my other camera to reconfigure them too. Yikes. I did not understand how much I loved using it now.

My daughter took one photo with her camera phone but does not know how to get it to the computer.

So picture in your mind:

a romping puppy who has recently taken to "killing" his stuffed animals & leaving body parts everywhere.

a HUGE pile of flip flops in my mud room near the door; chaos or organization?

a nipped nose from the puppy that sent me to the hospital & now I look like I have wax on the end of my nose.

a daughter's last tennis game & a son beginning football. Sweaty but happy kids.

Does this all click with you too?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Sunday is not Monday but somehow the time keeps getting away from me.

I "helped" my sister clean out her car yesterday. I bought her a car caddy too. It is cool & has a place for all your stuff even your lap top. You can zip it up & hide the lap top from view too. Why do we have so much stuff in our cars? It is insane the stuff we now need to tote around. Where did I find it? Where else? Target!

I have been looking & looking for a rug for my room. My old dog ruined the other two. I can't find one that fits, looks good and is cheap! What is this world coming to? I am going to the Pottery Barn Outlet next week & hopefully something will be there.


I also need to cut down on my calories. I had a little too much fun these past weeks. I am getting some help from this web site:


Good bye wine & chips. I will see you in a few weeks!

Hope you enjoy the pattern at the top. I wish I could make them work in my blog!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love my backyard. I hate my backyard. I am having a backyard crisis. I feel a backyard makeover coming on but how much & what to do?

Big plan - get rid of the deck & make a great big patio with a built in fire pit

Mid-range plan - add on to the deck & make a patio with a fire pit

Small plan - suck it up & just buy a fire pit, set it out in the yard somewhere anywhere

Must-do plan - say "bye-bye" to the swing set. It is time.

Dream plan - move to Cancun & make the ocean my backyard.

What to do?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Bathing suits are the 1 craziest piece of apparel for women on the planet. I spent the last month trying on & trying to find bathing suits for our trip. All I can say is "Yikes!".

First of all what is the scam about paying for both the bottom & the top separately?

Secondly, they all fit horrendously & are so much money. Thank god for Old Navy & Target.

Never go out intentionally looking for a suit. Let it find you. Casually wander through the racks & pick up 1 or 2 but never let it be known that you are looking for one. The right one will turn up. Once you find one, sneak into the dressing room and try it. Remember behind closed doors to do all of the tricky moves that are done at the beach like bending over, laying on your stomach and applying tanning lotion to your own back. If your suit stays then it is a winner!

Plus bathing suit designers, I am not into big hibiscus flowers on my suit nor 3 different color blue stripes with 1 blaring orange stripe in between them. Gack! Who thought of that?

So what did I find? I found an awesome black bikini top from Old Navy that I mixed and matched with a small black printed two piece from Target. The top of the two piece was a tankini to cover me in case I received some good burns which I did. I also relied on my brown bikini/skort that I bought 5 years ago that still works so well.

It worked out great & 1 day I may have the courage to write about bikini shopping with my daughter which takes hours and many handfuls of cash...but that involves colors, styles, tops that must not match bottoms intentionally, etc., etc., etc.

Enjoy your week in the sun wearing something cool & fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sooo it has been awhile since I have been posting but I have been in paradise. We took the kids & went for a luxurious, exciting, peaceful, restful, much-needed vacation in Mexico.

They had beds on the beach! Yes, beds. Beds that allowed you to relax & enjoy this paradise. And I did.

Top 10 things about this vacation

1. beds on the beach
2. everyone in the family happy
3. snorkeling on the river
4. beautiful blue ocean
5. drinks, lots of drinks including a Miami (everyone's favorite)
6. sundresses & flip-flops with bathing suits underneath
7. 89 degree weather that was never felt because of the breeze from the beach
8. new fruit to taste including guavas & prickly pears
9. 2 pools plus the ocean
10. speaking Spanish & being understood!

Ah, dreams do come true!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My kid's new 'hood

Those of you who are my age can remember the neighborhood of long ago. It was its own little world. You played Capture the Flag & Kick the Can with any person you could find on your street. Moms and dads had tons of barbecues and Christmas parties and you hung out with the kids while they celebrated. You had a crush on your best friend's older brother even though he teased you relentlessly. You had the crabby old neighbor who yelled at you for the littlest things like being on her grass.

My kids don't have this physical world - this microcosm of society. Sure we have neighbors and some parties but not on same scale as years before. Sure they know two or three kids on the street and they play occasionally but everyone is on an organized team so there is little free time. Most neighbors drive into their garages and shut the doors. Facebook has become their new virtual 'hood.

I let my daughter & son sign up for Facebook last year. Their first few friends were my sisters and some of my closer friends whom they call "aunt so & so". Most of the people they communicate with there are their immediate friends but they also have friended their friend's siblings. They have even friended a few dogs & cats too.

I like this because they can't sign on and make in appropriate comments. My sisters or my friends comment back much like my crabby neighbor did years ago on my street! They play games constantly with these people like Tonk. They even exist in a virtual world called YoVille. This is not Kick the Can or the annual Labor Day block party but it works. (Again, my sister and my friend do these games and virtual worlds too. There are spies everywhere!)

I know Facebook is not the best place for everyone but I am happy to know my kids are part of something even if it is on the computer. (You will be happy to know they do see and communicate with everyone in real life too.) It is a place for them to go though where they can be a part of the happenings of the everyday. It is a community for them where there are the old and the young, close frieends and acquaintances. I believe, they will learn some valuable lessons here from these people. They may not learn to stay off Mrs. Crabby's grass but they will learn how to say "Happy Birthday" to those that count or understand that the crush on your friend's older sibling isn't so great when you see the real person by the comments that are left behind.

The irony of Facebook, for sure, is that you are never face to face physically with anyone. However, you can never get out of anyone's face. (unless you "unfriend" them.) You have deal with the people in your 'hood and learn how to be a decent and good human being to co-exist there. Isn't that what we want in our 'hoods?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am a.m.

I have always been a morning person. My family used to "love" me because I was usually up before the sun & wanted them to be up too. Sunday mornings were the worst because usually there was nothing on t.v. so my dad would find us an obscure, fuzzy channel out of Canada showing Daedel Doors. (anyone remember that?) I would also be the first one out to play in the summer. I also certainly think my husband thought twice about marrying me after I woke him many mornings ready to go at 8 a.m. instead of his usual noon.

I am still most energetic in the a.m. Obviously, Starbuck's is my favorite restaurant. I love running & walking at this time. The puppy knows his routine too with a nice trip around the block to greet all of the other dogs. I "sleep in" now that I am on my summer break until about 8. The best part of summer for me is watching the beginning of the day. I know most of you are still in your beds snoozing away but why let that time go? I can proudly say "I am a.m."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I'm looking for a new summer nail polish color. I currently have orange polish on my toes but that is sooo last year for me. I am feeling the blues lately but the good news is that it is just nail polish. This was a fun web site to check out nail polish colors.


While I am spending hours "working" on my break, it seems I am always ending up at the computer. Why? I am reading lots of new blogs. Want to read some? Go to this web site & choose a few too. You too need a break from all of your work!


Uggs don't just make great boots. I love their flip flops. I just ordered the fluffie flip flops in black (after I sold all of my textbooks from school this year!)


Speaking of sandals. I love this local store for all of my great finds. Their summer sales should be coming up too. Plus they have an outlet. *They just changed their name to Pink something but I can't remember it right now...


Enjoy the last week of June 2009! Do something summery & fun to see it out. Remember how cold it was in the first few weeks of this month?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fondant Fun

Yes, my creative daughter is at it again. This time "it" is fondant. She created a Father's Day cake for my dad & her dad. She even made little fondant "guys" in their likeness. But the best of all is the little fondant dogs at their side. How fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here's to a great dog!

So our puppy is getting big. He is a pretty laid back guy. He is not chewing so much but this is his new toy - a rock! I could say here that I have spent oodles on toys but I won't. He loves to walk & play with the hose. He is learning sit, stay & all the rest. The best is that he gives us lots of love when we get home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tater tot - the king of all taters & tots

There aren't too many foods that can be loved by both adult men & children alike. I think the tater tot wins the award though. Last night, we had a friend stop over right about dinner time. Yes, I served the infamous tater tot to my son & husband (my daughter was somewhere else). We here love them. Our friend declined dinner but when those tater tots came out of the oven, everybody including him grabbed some. They were gone in an instant.

Why are they so delicious? They are truly better than fries. I see no way of perfecting them because they turn out great fried or baked. So here's to the tater tot a small morsel that always seems like a mouthful.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I have a son who dislikes reading books. He can't explain it. I can't hook him on it. I try & try. Today he picks up a book at his grandparents & reads for 1/2 hour. What was it? The book is called Pick Me Up. It is a page turner because each page is filled with facts & figures, not a story. He loved it.


He also could not resist the Dangerous Book For Boys. A how-to book about making forts, tying knots and much, much more. He carried it around for weeks.


So this is the summer for fact books and piles of necessary & unnecessary info but FUN info that intrigues him.

Let's hope it keeps up!

What does your 11 year old son like to read?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You can't catch me but I will catch up on a few things

Great day to end school. Now I just have to find my camera to capture these moments.
I am at home & have nothing to do but what I want to do. This is the stress reliever for a teacher!

I had a good-bye lunch with lots of good people & I will miss them for the next few weeks. But for now and in the next few weeks,

many miles need to be run
my house needs a handy hug
a vacation/adventure needs to had
my kids need blow-off time
the puppy needs help figuring out where to "go"
many frozen margaritas need to be drunk
tennis balls need to be tossed & then smashed at the net

I just have to grab my camera & capture these things.

Hello summertime. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Old shoes, pinchy shoes, red shoes, blue shoes

I came home today from my last day of teaching & started the "Big Sort". The "Big Sort" will last all summer. I am pretty good at getting rid of things & not keeping them around too long but there are still a few things that have to go.

I am going to whittle down my stuff. I will replace & renew only things that need it.

I started with the shoes. I am not a big shoe shopper but I have hung on to some way too long. I have others that I buy in desperation just to match an outfit that may only have been worn once or twice. These are the kinds of shoes that I parted with today.

So long to my 1/2 inch black penny loafers that PINCHED my toes but matched 1 of my many pairs of black pants very well. So I endured the pain of them for fashion but no more!

So long to my really high 4 inch black strappy heels that went with the black dress I wore once to a baptism. Btw, wrong shoes to wear in New York!

So long to my back-up running shoes. The shoes that were always around just in case I lost my other ones. I never needed you.

So long to my quasi-fashionable, really cheap but really wrong black boots that I bought at the end of this season at Old Navy. They really HURT & just didn't go with anything...

So long to my 1 pair of beige, comfy tennis shoes that went with all of my khaki pants to wear teaching. I lost the insert in 1 of them but still wore them for a few more years.

There are a few more that went in this sad pile but I think these are the worse-case scenarios.

The BIG SORT has begun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My kids do need moi

The kids are off but I am still teaching for two more days! Today they held their own. They went to swim practice & tennis without moi. They did it! This makes me sad & glad as you can imagine. Nobody needs me but the puppy.

This is true in a those ways but...

My son & I started The Hobbit. I really want him to love reading. I know he is 11 but he hates the process. So we read together still. We were a few pages in when I became tired. I was excited though when he said "Is that all?!". For now, but we can both hear the hammock calling & this good book to lounge about with. Summer joy = lazy & leisurely reading!

My daughter went to her first volleyball open practice tonight for high school. Hold on to your seats - I have an official high schooler. But she still needed me to get her there both physically & mentally. So I did. I'll be there for her the whole way! Good luck baby! p.s. She had a good time & they worked her hard!

I'll be there for these two no matter what they need & I have all summer to do it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Well it is here finally summer & the sun. So what makes my summer? Here is the top 10 list.

1. New puppy
2. Starbucks iced tea with a dash of lemonade
3. My own frappucinos at home!
4. Books & the library
5. Tennis & tennis skirts
6. My bike
7. Tank tops & cute shorts but 1 cool sundress
8. Flip flops -I am partial to Ugg's with fur on the flip-flop
9. My backyard
10. Going anywhere in the world connected to the ocean

Summer, here we come!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy daze in a haze

I promised I would not cry but with two graduations this week, a few tears slipped out. My oldest daughter is leaving middle school for high school & my younger son is entering middle school. *Remember my last cupcake blog entry a few months back

It has been busy here every day with so many events. The kids have had a ball. My daughter's end of the year festivities have included a trip to Chicago, a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park, a Confirmation, a dance & a graduation ceremony.

None of the above have included my contributions to the ceremonies like a Powerpoint & many dozens of sweets plus shopping for all of the stuff & clothing.

My son has been equally busy but not as well traveled. So last night & today, at the commencement ceremonies, I had a chance to sit back & exhale. I had a chance to reflect that I have 2 great kids who went to 2 great schools. We have had more happy days then unhappy, troubled school days.

My kids are growing up! So in these ceremonies, I took this break from this busy time & shed a few tears. I took the time to capture & enjoy these moments that will be memories in short time. But good memories!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Thank god May is over. Love that month but it can be so busy. I went to 3 music concerts, 15 baseball games, 4 soccer games, and much more.

So what to do now? Go to the pool. Take a long walk. Hang out. The toppings that go with this lifestyle are

pasta salad! Lots of easy meals so nobody (I mean me) has to be in the kitchen.


hammocks, especially the one right in my backyard! We have the Byer Amazonus Barbados one from REI.


flip flops, flip flops and more flip flops! Old Navy always has enough colors & styles to keep my daughter happy at a good price.


plus a vacation! I am trying to win this one from Athleta to Las Olas Surf Camp - my dream!

http://oldnavy.gap.com/ click on Athleta then the Private Surf Safari is at the beginning.

Enjoy the week!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I am thankful for

darkness not 'til 9 p.m.
puppy kisses
new red shoes
only 1 week & few days left of school

Bring it on summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No, I want the Big Cheez-Its

I have nothing to say except why do Big Cheez-Its taste better? Could it be the big Diet Coke with it? What snack do you love?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Topping

Not much to top this weekend off with because it was all about family. What a better way to top anything than to spend with everybody you love. Plus we had cake. We had chocolate cake & carrot cake, MMMMM delicious!

Bake a cake with somebody then sit down & have a slice together.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm "sick" of this

I had a dr.'s appointment today. I waited for about 15 minutes in the nice waiting room full of good magazines. Then I went in the examining room to wait for the dr. It was a stark, boring examining room. the picture on the wall was a view out a window but also boring.

Is this the last thing that will ever change and be updated? Why are the rooms so boring. As a mom, it was extra difficult becuase the waiting room at the ped's office was fun but once again, it was an awfully, long and boring wait in the examining room. That was with 2 crazy, whiny kids in tow. 1 sick & the other usually healthy & bursting with energy.

I played games with them and kept them busy but why? Today, I sat alone with my thoughts which weren't too bad but why? How about some magazines or a t.v. screen or a video game or maybe an interesting picture like M.C. Escher.

maybe I have my new career because I am truly sick of this! (even gas station pumps have a tv now)(my dentist has a tv and/or music to enjoy)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thanks for the balance

I am on the high wire balancing. I fall a little bit then I am upright. Is this for real?! I am learning how to balance my life again.

I am done with schools & exams. I passed everything. It took a long time for me to say this out loud or even type it. I am very superstitious.

Everyday some new things crop up but let me tell you what kept me balanced...

my kids - 2 of them, both weighted equally
my husband - the man who carried me many times & woke up at 4 in the morning to just listen
my parents - who pitched in & kept me stable (they even let me cry on their shoulders)
my new garden - my zen
tv - zoning out
friends - who never went away even though I ditched them for a year
running - I kept it up through rain, sleet & snow...it steered me

I can't thank these people & things enough. I kept tripping, staggering & falling but I made it to the end. I am here & now I know whatever happens, happens & I will always have these things to keep me balanced & keep me going!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Toppings (on a Monday)

Happy Memorial Day!

My tomatoes for the year are planted. My daughter is trying beans & carrots t plus 1 stalk of corn. We have some strawberries coming in too. Maybe we'll get 1 berry apiece. I am not much of a farmer but I enjoy reaping what I sow! (I am buying pints & pints of strawberries to fill in. The kids can't get enough)

I am still in love with Sundance Catalog. I have my eye on a few things but need to save up my pennies. My 13 year old daughter picked up the catalog. She oohed & ahhed her way through every page. Dangerous! www.sundance.com

Speaking of cowboy country, I keep peeking in on a new blog called Confessions of a
Pioneer Woman. She does a lot of good cooking. We love it cuz we do a lot of good eating. www.thepioneerwomen.com

I also went to Westborn Market this week & splurged on lots of good things. Our favorite so far is the Buffalo chicken flavored sausage. They are so good & so spicy. www.westbornmarket.com

Take a moment & think of the men & women who served our country today. That is the true topping that keeps our world together!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome new puppy

We have been busy. Our new puppy is great. It is a lot of watching, playing, walking, feeding, and loving. He is a good guy & here he is...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brring Brring Calling 4 Faith

Brring, brring, brring.
A True Story From the Cell Phone Generation

Day 1


"Mom, where are you?"

"I am turning the corner. Can you see me now?"


Day 2:


"Mom, are you coming?"

"I am in the parking lot behind the Mini-Cooper in my big blue van!"


Day 3:

"Yes! I am here. Put the phone down and back away from it!"

"Oh I see you. You are turning into the parking lot."

Day 4:

"Hi mom. I am in the middle of soccer practice. Why are you calling me?""

"I have called to sat stop calling me to pick you up, I'm on my way. I am here to get you like I do everyday at the same time from practice. Sometimes there is more traffic, sometimes less. The other day your brother came out with 1 shoe on so I sent him back in to get the other one. I was 30 seconds late. The next day, I was early but stopped to talk with another mom in the parking lot. You could see me! And there was the one time that I was 2 minutes late because I stopped to let the mom goose & her babies cross the street."

"But I am here. You are there with your cell phone. Put it down. Have a little FAITH that I am coming like I do everyday."

Friday, May 15, 2009

All tails wag!

Yes, we got him & tomorrow we'll get him. Our puppy is coming home. He is only 9 weeks & dark as the night but he makes us sooo happy. We have bought lots of stuff for him including a Kong Wubba. This is a cuddly for puppies! Will he like it? I do not know. But I know this is going to be sooo much fun! (yes, plz don't say it again - there is the work too) But who cares the fun outweighs the work! Hopefully pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Possible puppy fever here

We are looking into getting a...puppy! I have not posted about my old dog Smitty because we put him to sleep a few months back. It still saddens me to think my dog is gone. There will never be another Smitty.

So a puppy?! He is a little guy. I know it means middle of the night & lots of p*&P & P#@ but it also means lots of kisses & hugs and love.

So we have to visit our little rescue dog this weekend. If we get him then for sure we'll post pics!

Cross your fingers and your tails!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I can't think of a better Sunday topping then being able to read again (not in Spanish). I cannot keep my nose out of a book. I have a long list too.

Here are a few...

Three Cups of Tea by Mortenson & Relin
A Virtuous Women by Gibbons
Columbine by Cullen
Just Tale My Heart by Clark

What book is on the top of your list to read?

I have just been walking the stacks at the library & finding the ones that jump out at me. Can anyone read every book in the library. Enjoy the week & read a book.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Things I can & cannot do but really don't want to do....

Yes, exams are done & I have time to relax. I am taking this seriously! Relaxing for me is hard. Plus the hammock is not up in the backyard yet. I usually do not relax until stuff is done. I cannot relax in a mess.

However, relaxing takes work. It involves finding a good book. I am working on Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. It involves a full stomach - thank you Starbuck's & triscuits. It involves my kids by my side. We are watching Hotel For Dogs.

Yes, I can sink into this moment & know that nothing can ruin it. So what don't I really want to do?

I am ignoring the floor, calling a restaurant for prices & 1 load of laundry. What? Relax! It will get done...after I work on my relaxing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain & more rain

I know spring is here. I have seen my tulips & my 1 petite daffodil. I swear it is a mini-daffodil. It is trying to grow under a bush. But the rain, it just won't stop.

It was fun the first few times it rained but I am done sloshing in it, watching games in it & watching my lawn grow but can't mow in it.

I sat at my daughter's game yesterday & felt the sun as it peeked in & out of the clouds. It felt so good. You know the good where you are wearing jeans & they go insta-warm under the suns rays but you do not bake. Luv it!

But today we are back to rain. So I decided to make the best of it. I crawled into my bed and finished my book!

So when life gives you rain. go get in bed & read!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Plant more flowers. Spring in Michigan is always iffy. But the flowers are always great! I am looking at bunches & bunches of daffodils right now outside my window. My tulips are still flowerless but I know they are coming. So write on your calendar right now for the upcoming fall (yikes) to plant more flowers.

Reconnect with old friends. The weather was good enough yesterday that we had some friends over. We were supposed to be outside but rain came in the early evening & thwarted our plans. Being inside was not so bad. Thank god for our big basement for the kids. It was great to catch up with them again inside or out.

I am on a salad kick right now. I had Caesar's salad for breakfast. (Yes, this was leftover from last night's dinner) But the night before it was Greek salad. And tonight, it will be a mixture of what's left from both night's salad. I want to try the edamame salad below because I have never worked with them before.

I also like these recipes for salads too:



I took my longest bike ride of the year yesterday. I can't wait for better weather. We are going to be biking a lot. Find something to do outside & go for it. Maybe bike to Starbuck's & meet a friend.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My friends all have babies - cute ones

An old college friend stopped by this weekend. She brought her baby with her. As you know, I have an 11 yr. old & a 13 yr. old. I love the babies! We had so much fun with her as you can see. Everyone should have a trampoline. It is a giant playpen.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Oh, Aldi's you are so great. Now you have gargantuan size recyclable grocery bags. Luv them. I ended up shopping at Kroger's this week. Btw, they give 5 cents off for each bag you bring. That big bag was filled with 3/4 of my groceries. The bagger kept putting stuff in & putting more stuff in.


I am really enjoying Stone Soup Comics lately. I check in daily but right now two characters have lost their jobs. It is helping me cope too.


Can't have a Sunday without food. We are making hummus as we speak. This is a good recipe for it.


I also have to say I am still in love with the Living Room Bar in Berkley. Last night I had a Samoa martini. Who would have thought a Girl Scout cookie & alcohol together! Yum!

Have a good Sunday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heart beating

I can feel my heart beating ra-pi-d-ly! I have a lot riding on the next few days of work. Sometimes, I feel like I am in a novel & want to get to the end sooo badly. But I can't turn the pages quickly enough. Then my hearts be-ee-ats faster. I want to slow down my heartbeat but make time go faster.

I think a lot of what if's and when's and ultimately, why's. Then I get to the therefore's and the because's and hopefully one day I will get to the end of this chapter.

I know that when one chapter ends another begins. Sometimes I hope for a twist & turn (but I have to be in control).

The only good part of this book is that my kids are in it. And when my heart starts to beat so quick-ly, I just grab one of them & hold on. Then I feel my heart beating in a good way.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Happy Easter. It is 1 of my faves. It is such a low pressure, high eating holiday!

Plus I found it! I found my red phone! It is a silly little thing but it has made my whole week. Thanks to the blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, I followed a link to VanDykes Restorers & there it was...my old-fashioned, hang-on-the-wall red phone. Check this site out, it is worth it for the old-fashioned at heart.


p.s. I'll show you my red phone when it comes!

I can't thank Delia's enough for helping me dress my daughter. We have been on a search for jeans & a dress for Confirmation. We have been up and down and all around townSSS literally. She has gone into countless dressing rooms with handfuls of clothing & come out with zip, nada, zilch! Until we get to Delia's. (I hate to go to Delia's because it is at the mall I hate to drive too BUT they have a web site too) So what did we find? A great pair of jeans and I ordered 6 dresses from the website for her to try on in the comfort of our home. Cross your fingers.


I am addicted to Google images right now. I had to create a website for class last week on Geocities.com with LOTS of help from my sis and we needed lots of images. We found each & every one there from a cartoon motorcycle to tons of pics from the movies. Whew, it was a relief to have such an easily accessible place to find this stuff then go everywhere on the internet.

Enjoy the day!

Easter for teens & pre-teens

I remember my daughter's first Easter as an 8 month old. She received a small basket filled with teething rings. As both kids grew older, the baskets became bigger and their Easter excitement & joy filled the room. We also added an Easter egg hunt. It usually takes 20 minutes but each year there is 1 egg that cannot be found. Thank goodness, my husband keeps count.

I have found this year will be different with an 11 yr. old & a 13 1/2 yr. old. Once again, my daughter has warned my son NOT to wake her up. My son asks if he can get his basket & then watch t.v.

There are no cute adorable stuffed animals in the basket but there is still lots of chocolate. Plus the traditional pair of sunglasses will be in there too. They just will not have Batman on them or be pink. We will also still do the annual Easter egg hunt. (Although nobody was too interested in the Easter egg dying this year.)

They also still want all of the food that comes with Easter like the ham & egg breakfast casserole & the cheesy potatoes for dinner. (Yes, there are no calories on Easter) Plus we will drag them to church but later this year.

So what to do to make this holiday special for my teen and pre-teen? I think it is time for an annual baseball game, weather permitting!

Or a family rock band concert on the Wii since it is my husband's birthday tomorrow too. As you guessed, 1 of his presents is Guitar Hero - Band. Rock on Peeps!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A toast to toast

I am sure this title has been used thousands of times but I am into to toast this week. I am not much of a breakfast eater but this week, a nice toasted piece of bread with a little pat of butter has been my morning choice everyday.

We have kept it simple this week. The snow & cold temps have helped keep us inside along with the stack of Blockbuster movies.

We have ventured out for some fun too. Yesterday was my daughter's day. She picked the places to go & a lunch treat out. Today is my son's day & I can't wait to see where we end up.

Hope your week is filled with semi-spring weather, treats & simplicity like toast.

Monday, April 6, 2009

No camera, no time but on vacation

My life= a trig problem

I have 3 weeks to go until the end of classes! I have 2 weeks to go until 1 big test. My camera battery charger is lost. I bought a new one but husband doesn't like it. Why can't I sneak things into this house?! I also spent 3 hours creating web page with my sister.

all of this


not much blogging time


week off with the kids

(times & squared gets me)

low times, high times, happy times, stressful times then I am back to not much blogging time...

I will "+" things here when I can but with no camera it is not much fun!

See you when everything equals out(:

Happy spring & Easter

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Annual spring treat

Today I had my annual treat to welcome spring. It usually happens on the way home from school. How could it not? I pass 3 ice cream stores.

I see those ice cream stores all closed up all winter long. Then suddenly it is spring. Suddenly those ice cream stores are open again. How could I not indulge?

This year it was a vanilla cone with butterscotch topping from Dairy Queen. And it tasted so good, all alone in the car welcoming spring.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Once again my daughter is the creative genius in the family. She is going to make decoupage eggs today. She saw them on the cover of the Martha Stewart magazine. I can't wait to see how they turn out.


I went to buy the traditional Easter chocolate bunnies for my kids at Le Petit Prince. It is a French bakery in Birmingham, Michigan. They hand paint the bunnies. My daughter gets the girl bunny & my son gets the boy bunny. The insides are hollow but filled with individual chocolates in the shapes of bunnies, eggs & chickens. (The chickens are a French thing). Plus they made my wedding cake so many years ago...


I can't wait for Easter. It is my favorite holiday. What could be more fun; chocolate, candy, & the ever popular holiday tradition, cheesy potatoes. And I always put extra cheese in it!


I could shop at this web site all day. They have the cutest clothes. I love their jackets.


Have a good week! Have fun getting ready for Easter.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Send a child to New York & all you get

are these great photos! Last week, 1/2 of our family visited friends & family in New York. They had a blast. They met our new niece who is a smiling, "cheeky" baby. I have not met her yet. Is it possible to fall in love from a photo?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random days, random photos

Only Tuesday!? What a long week. Maybe these photos will help us all...Spring in my yard. Spring in my heart!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I have nothing. There was not much to this weekend. I drove my kids around lots.

I took my daughter shopping & scored a few good buys. We received our annual Victoria's Secret "Get $10 off a bra & free pantie offer". That worked out well. I bought her a bra & pantie for $23.00!

I guess my Sunday toppings are coupons. Find them & use them. The key is to wait especially with food coupons. Typically what you see in the Sunday newspaper gets marked down in the store a few weeks later. So hold onto them until you find a sale then you get way more off!

Hope you are having as nice a day as we are here. Save, save & save!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We have had so many different kinds of quiet here this week. With only two of us, the house echos. Tonight it will be filled again with 4 voices that need to be heard. I also long to hear the clip of my dog's paws on the flow. But it has been a month since he has left our family.

I also have a steady humming that quietly goes on in my brain. It is a sound that does not stop but is filled with "what ifs" and "hows" and "whens" and "whys". There are no answers right now & that silence is deafening. I long for a time when the quiet actually is filled with calm again. I have also found through all this thinking that the nights (when I am awake at 3) are filled with a quiet all their own.

The weather too has been quiet and wonderful. I am trying to fill my soul with sun. I can only hope for the next few weeks to go sooooo quickly & quietly. I long for the hum-drum quiet again.

Another good quiet is being with someone you love & not having to fill the void. I had those moments with my 11 year old son. Although we had many discussions, there were moments of absolute quiet but full of togetherness.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Perfect parfait of a day!

Two of our family are out of town. They got to go have "fun". The two that stayed got to have ice cream for dinner. Delicious ice cream with butterscotch topping on an outside bench! Then it was a drive through the neighborhoods just chatting away enjoying the sun.

As we passed the nature preserve, my son wanted to stop & walk. With beautiful weather, good company and nothing to do, why not? He walked around with a great big stick that looked like a club. He hit dead trees. He left a mark where he could claiming we would need to find our way out. But who wanted to do that?

I had all the time in the world with an 11 year old boy who mind was full of creative ways to pass the time. We left the nature preserve & on the way home, I dropped him off at a neighbors to play basketball.

This is a perfect parfait of a day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundae Toppings

What could be better than spring?! Finally green grass, blooming things & being outside & warm at the same time. I can even see my frog tiles in the garden. I have photos of my indoor tulips in full color & my poor outdoor tulips that you can barely see BUT they are there! Say yes to spring!

I must say my spring is going to be very springy since my life & job status are crazy but I have already started to add pieces to my wardrobe to help me through these springy times.

I ordered this skirt from Boden & hopefully it will fit right. It is a skirt for all occasions. I wanted a pair of pants too but they are already sold out.


I have a new love that I met yesterday at the library. From my favorite magazine, I found my new favorite cookbook: Southern Living Cookbook. I am ordering a used one from Amazon.com for $9.97.

It has croissant French toast with strawberry sauce. Decadent! I also want to try Greek garbanzo stew & orphan's rice. The secret is out that I am a Southerner at heart & also want to cook muffulettas & Hoppin' John.

What else came about over the weekend? My son's birthday party with beautiful weather. So seven 11 year olds played outside most of the time. His favorite present was slingshot rockets that go really high. Warning: do not be near any roofs, as we found out the hard way!


Have a great week. Hopefully I can blog twice this next week but it may have to be from outside sitting in my deck chair. Such a hardship!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why do these people have to eat?

I am here not over there. I have no idea what to cook and why I should be cooking it. Why does everyone need to eat? I am happy with a few carrots, a wedge of cheese, Cheeze-Its and umm, I don't know. I hate being frugal too because I know Senora Taco bell or Mr. McDonald's could help me out. But seriously, why do they have to eat? Who invented these meal rituals? My kids don't need a meat, a vegetable and a starch. They can make it on a bowl of cereal with a handful of Cheeze-Its thrown in. O.k., I'll go make dinner but I am not going to like it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old times, good times

Once in a great while you get to meet somebody from your past. Saturday I met a few somebodies from my elementary school years. We are all *&^ years old now but still look good. It was fun to reconnect & see what's new after 20 plus years. And to know we still got it!

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