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I am old soul who covers the grey really well. I love to be active and creative. I am blogging to help keep the memories alive and to keep those special moments around.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day at home...

The flu has hit our house. I have had it & now my son has had it. So I have been home a lot this week. The sun has been shining & the puppy has been tracking lots of mud in my house. I am inspired by both the yellows & browns to redo my blog colors.

Plus I added a few photos of inspiring, colorful things in my house. I love the birthday cards sent to my son especially the homemade sticker sheet from his 3 year old cousin. My favorite striped blanket keeps me really warm. This blue tile was given to me by a friend who died & I love to look at the blues & remember happy times. I can't forget the puppy. He sheds his color everywhere.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Son's birthday weekend

It was a fun weekend with lots of silly string & food for a 12 year old!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few words

Spring has begun to spring & I am ready. The funny thing is this week, I am entranced by the moon. It is so big & so round. (So cliche). I even took some fuzzy pics with my Iphone this morning running! (see above)

I am ready for spring this year. I am even running faster outside like it is already spring even with the cold still soaking into my bones.

Things I love right now:

1. The full moon & then the bright sun
2 Two new pairs of shoes for FL in April I found at TJmaxx
3. My IPhone & all of my music. (My kids are complaining I have the buds in my ears a lot!!)
4. Easter candy! Ate a bunch today.
5. My new pants from the Gap.
6. My blouse I bought on clearance in January from Boden but waited until now to wear it!
7. Laughing so much with friends
8. Walking my dog at night through the last of the snow
9. Getting back to book club after 1 1/2 year respite
10. My son's 12th birthday this week!

Come on spring. Come melt the snow & stick around for awhile

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