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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do you live without a ponytail?

I went yesterday & had my hair cut. It was getting long and dreams of shorter hair were dancing around in my head. I used to have really short hair as a child. Often people would think I was a boy. My mom thought less hair was the easiest way to go with four girls.

I did not grow my hair long until college simply because I never understood how to grow it out. In college, it was halfway down my back & long & really thick & really full. No more boy comments then & a ponytail was definitely needed from time to time. I cut it really short once more 13 years ago & hated it. Why? No ponytail.

A ponytail is a glorious thing on Saturday mornings when one does not have to care. Or Thursdays when one is sick of blowing out one's hair. Or Mondays when one can't face the mirror after being lazy all weekend. Or for the last-minute run that I try to get in before going to work. Or for those times when one just can't get to a mirror at all.

So needless to say, the hair was trimmed yesterday but just to my shoulders and long enough for a ponytail when needed...

Enjoy the weekend & DON'T let your hair down!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bottled up past

I have been known to get on a streak now & then. I will buy something again & again until I tire of it. I definitely like to try & do new things but lately, I have been needing the past & I have been buying it.

Not my past but times gone by that I only read about & view on my t.v. I have spent the last few weeks cuddled up in the chair watching the DVD set of All Creatures Great & Small which shows simple farm life in the 1930's-40's in England.

Then I saw something else like it in the grocery store. It is a glass bottle of milk. How old-fashioned and simple and perfect. It costs a few more dollars but right now I love the look and the feel. Isn't that worth a few more dollars right now?

p.s. I bought chocolate milk in the bottle too
p.p.s. I don't even drink milk

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Not much to report this week. I was on vacation from the snow & the internet. I did find a few things today that looked cool...

Free museums & sights to see:
I had lots of homework today so my husband played Mr. Mom or Mr. Tourist guide. He took the kids to the Automotive Museum in Dearborn for free. This is thanks to the museum passes that the library lets us check out:


Do you have 1 of these in your town?

I am doing roasted vegetables tonight since it won't stop snowing & we need something warm. Hope this recipe turns out yummy!

My son's birthday is in a few weeks & we changed it up this year. We sent the invites out using the evites web site. It was free & he could add a music playlist to go with the invite. He loved it. I have used it a few times already. It makes keeping track of your party easy as long as you have everyone's emails.


Enjoy the last week of winter! This is not a wish but a declarative statement. Do you hear me Mother Nature!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies growing up...

Well, he finally did it. My son is in adult-sized shoes. Bye to so much stuff. I remember the relief of finally not carrying a diaper bag but nobody told each sport has a sports bag & equipment too!

Good times, relaxing times

Ah, Houston for a few days. No snow, no cold & good times & good friends. It felt great to get away. The kids had a good time. The pics are truly worth 1,000 words.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vive les crepes

Day 4 of making crepes! It started on Valentine's Day. As a treat for my son's class, I sent in pre-made crepes with chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce plus whipped cream. It was a hit! The next day, my husband made more crepes with their favorite cinnamon & sugar on the inside. Day 3 was my son's turn at crepes. he as you can see made the world's largest crepe. It barely fit in his mouth. Today my daughter made the most perfect recipe of crepes. When we are on a roll we are on a roll!

Landgraf Book of Records #1 - largest crepe goes to son

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I am changing the name of Most Excellent to Sunday Toppings. Hopefully, it will be a Sunday thing about good things I have found in my life & on the web. I have a few for today.

Had a great time at The Living Room Martini Bar in Berkley, Michigan on 12 Mile. So many martinis to choose & so little time. A.k.a. Amici's Pizza

Some of these would be nice for a room change.

Try these recipes for new ways to make mac n cheese!


Getting ready for spring & expanding my tomato garden.


What to pick from Boden this spring?

Marbling paper, can't wait to try it with the kids!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who is this 13 1/2 yr old girl?

I have a 13 1/2 year old. Do you have one at your house? She is unpredictable & lovely. She is tired & energized. She is funny & sarcastic. She is smart & busy. She is young & old. I wouldn't trade her for the world.

p.s. She can cook too!

1st Walk 2009

Who can be cooped up for so long & not go a little stir crazy? I just love being out & being active. Our first long walk of 2009. The weather was so nice we went for 2 more blocks. The best part is wearing water-proof boots & crushing the ice melting on the sidewalks!


Last week was a long week with no end in sight but here we are at the end of it with brilliant sunshine & warmer weather. My son is better. My dad is recuperating. I got to run on pavement with very little ice. Next week, we are going out of town to more sun. Whew. Hopefully you are getting some whew moments too.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Catching a Give-away at Catching Fireflies

My favorite store in Berkley, Michigan is doing a great give-away. Follow this link & maybe you will win. We can share the winnings?!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have 1 sick kid here. He has the usual symptoms; sore throat, temperature, stuffiness and cough. It started on Sunday & may not end until Friday. I think yesterday was the worst.

There is lots of pudding, potatoes, jello and homemade applesauce around for him. Plus our kitchen ledge is filled with lots of medicine to treat every symptom. You can always tell at our house how sick someone is by the amount of stuff on the kitchen ledge. This habit comes from my mom. Everything needed goes on the kitchen ledge.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have some friends who could not stop talking about the infamous Tiffany's. All I could do was shrug. I am not that into Tiffany's. It just isn't me. I like a little jewelry but I like a lot of cool & casual.

I am a Sundance girl and with spring around the corner, I can't help but want a few things from their website.

Check these out...not so springy but they make my heart leap for joy. Plus with a record snow in Michigan, I am going to need boots for awhile.


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