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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Not much to report this week. I was on vacation from the snow & the internet. I did find a few things today that looked cool...

Free museums & sights to see:
I had lots of homework today so my husband played Mr. Mom or Mr. Tourist guide. He took the kids to the Automotive Museum in Dearborn for free. This is thanks to the museum passes that the library lets us check out:


Do you have 1 of these in your town?

I am doing roasted vegetables tonight since it won't stop snowing & we need something warm. Hope this recipe turns out yummy!

My son's birthday is in a few weeks & we changed it up this year. We sent the invites out using the evites web site. It was free & he could add a music playlist to go with the invite. He loved it. I have used it a few times already. It makes keeping track of your party easy as long as you have everyone's emails.


Enjoy the last week of winter! This is not a wish but a declarative statement. Do you hear me Mother Nature!

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