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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How do you live without a ponytail?

I went yesterday & had my hair cut. It was getting long and dreams of shorter hair were dancing around in my head. I used to have really short hair as a child. Often people would think I was a boy. My mom thought less hair was the easiest way to go with four girls.

I did not grow my hair long until college simply because I never understood how to grow it out. In college, it was halfway down my back & long & really thick & really full. No more boy comments then & a ponytail was definitely needed from time to time. I cut it really short once more 13 years ago & hated it. Why? No ponytail.

A ponytail is a glorious thing on Saturday mornings when one does not have to care. Or Thursdays when one is sick of blowing out one's hair. Or Mondays when one can't face the mirror after being lazy all weekend. Or for the last-minute run that I try to get in before going to work. Or for those times when one just can't get to a mirror at all.

So needless to say, the hair was trimmed yesterday but just to my shoulders and long enough for a ponytail when needed...

Enjoy the weekend & DON'T let your hair down!

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