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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Irony of being wonderfull

This is my first blog in my wonderfull life. It is ironic however because my life is in flux right now. My job is being changed & I do not know where it is going. I am currently a French teacher who has just been told that French needs to be reduced to make way for Chinese in our school district. Surprise! So I am full of wonder about where my job is going & where I am going. I do not know about you but when I am making an important life decision I look around & try on other's peoples lives like you would try on clothes. Hmmm, which one will fit? Can I dare to look in the dreaded mirror at myself or will that new life be too big from behind?

My life is wonderfull that I have recently had lots of medical procedures too. (I know what else?) I have been going to the hospital for x-rays. Every time I go there, I think what a great place. It is calm & efficient in the x-ray wing. Everything is clean & they have air-conditioning! Most schools do not have the luxury of air. (Why would kids need that to learn?) But then I think I do not want to work weekends, holidays and summers. Oh this type of job does not fit.

I have also looked into to going back to school. I envy people who have the time & luxury to get another college degree like a law degree. The good news is that it makes me employable but the bad news is I will never be able to pay for my kids education. College is like a cashmere sweater. Why don't they put the good stuff on sale? Where is the buy one English class, get one free offer? I always have to pay full price here.

I have dreamed of the stay-at-home mom model too. It looks so good in the window. It seems so calm and happy to me plus it gets to play tennis during the week! Staying at home for me is like buying the dress in the smaller size and dieting to make it fit. I hate budgets! Is it worth it to me? Can I slim my expenses down? This model seems to sit in the back of my closet until I can find a body-slimmer or win the lotto.

So this is the my wonderfull life & the beginning of my wonderfull blog . For now, I wonder my job search and how that will effect "back-to-school" shopping in the fall. I can't wait to see what I get. Hopefully, I'll still be blogging too.

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