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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Bathing suits are the 1 craziest piece of apparel for women on the planet. I spent the last month trying on & trying to find bathing suits for our trip. All I can say is "Yikes!".

First of all what is the scam about paying for both the bottom & the top separately?

Secondly, they all fit horrendously & are so much money. Thank god for Old Navy & Target.

Never go out intentionally looking for a suit. Let it find you. Casually wander through the racks & pick up 1 or 2 but never let it be known that you are looking for one. The right one will turn up. Once you find one, sneak into the dressing room and try it. Remember behind closed doors to do all of the tricky moves that are done at the beach like bending over, laying on your stomach and applying tanning lotion to your own back. If your suit stays then it is a winner!

Plus bathing suit designers, I am not into big hibiscus flowers on my suit nor 3 different color blue stripes with 1 blaring orange stripe in between them. Gack! Who thought of that?

So what did I find? I found an awesome black bikini top from Old Navy that I mixed and matched with a small black printed two piece from Target. The top of the two piece was a tankini to cover me in case I received some good burns which I did. I also relied on my brown bikini/skort that I bought 5 years ago that still works so well.

It worked out great & 1 day I may have the courage to write about bikini shopping with my daughter which takes hours and many handfuls of cash...but that involves colors, styles, tops that must not match bottoms intentionally, etc., etc., etc.

Enjoy your week in the sun wearing something cool & fun!

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