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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sooo it has been awhile since I have been posting but I have been in paradise. We took the kids & went for a luxurious, exciting, peaceful, restful, much-needed vacation in Mexico.

They had beds on the beach! Yes, beds. Beds that allowed you to relax & enjoy this paradise. And I did.

Top 10 things about this vacation

1. beds on the beach
2. everyone in the family happy
3. snorkeling on the river
4. beautiful blue ocean
5. drinks, lots of drinks including a Miami (everyone's favorite)
6. sundresses & flip-flops with bathing suits underneath
7. 89 degree weather that was never felt because of the breeze from the beach
8. new fruit to taste including guavas & prickly pears
9. 2 pools plus the ocean
10. speaking Spanish & being understood!

Ah, dreams do come true!

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