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Friday, July 24, 2009


Where is my camera? Why is it so hard to blog without a camera? Well, we are getting a new one. But it is not ready yet. I have 4 shots in my head that I know I want to show ya!

My husband took the memory cards out of my other camera to reconfigure them too. Yikes. I did not understand how much I loved using it now.

My daughter took one photo with her camera phone but does not know how to get it to the computer.

So picture in your mind:

a romping puppy who has recently taken to "killing" his stuffed animals & leaving body parts everywhere.

a HUGE pile of flip flops in my mud room near the door; chaos or organization?

a nipped nose from the puppy that sent me to the hospital & now I look like I have wax on the end of my nose.

a daughter's last tennis game & a son beginning football. Sweaty but happy kids.

Does this all click with you too?

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