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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am a.m.

I have always been a morning person. My family used to "love" me because I was usually up before the sun & wanted them to be up too. Sunday mornings were the worst because usually there was nothing on t.v. so my dad would find us an obscure, fuzzy channel out of Canada showing Daedel Doors. (anyone remember that?) I would also be the first one out to play in the summer. I also certainly think my husband thought twice about marrying me after I woke him many mornings ready to go at 8 a.m. instead of his usual noon.

I am still most energetic in the a.m. Obviously, Starbuck's is my favorite restaurant. I love running & walking at this time. The puppy knows his routine too with a nice trip around the block to greet all of the other dogs. I "sleep in" now that I am on my summer break until about 8. The best part of summer for me is watching the beginning of the day. I know most of you are still in your beds snoozing away but why let that time go? I can proudly say "I am a.m."

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