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Monday, June 15, 2009

My kids do need moi

The kids are off but I am still teaching for two more days! Today they held their own. They went to swim practice & tennis without moi. They did it! This makes me sad & glad as you can imagine. Nobody needs me but the puppy.

This is true in a those ways but...

My son & I started The Hobbit. I really want him to love reading. I know he is 11 but he hates the process. So we read together still. We were a few pages in when I became tired. I was excited though when he said "Is that all?!". For now, but we can both hear the hammock calling & this good book to lounge about with. Summer joy = lazy & leisurely reading!

My daughter went to her first volleyball open practice tonight for high school. Hold on to your seats - I have an official high schooler. But she still needed me to get her there both physically & mentally. So I did. I'll be there for her the whole way! Good luck baby! p.s. She had a good time & they worked her hard!

I'll be there for these two no matter what they need & I have all summer to do it!

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