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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You can't catch me but I will catch up on a few things

Great day to end school. Now I just have to find my camera to capture these moments.
I am at home & have nothing to do but what I want to do. This is the stress reliever for a teacher!

I had a good-bye lunch with lots of good people & I will miss them for the next few weeks. But for now and in the next few weeks,

many miles need to be run
my house needs a handy hug
a vacation/adventure needs to had
my kids need blow-off time
the puppy needs help figuring out where to "go"
many frozen margaritas need to be drunk
tennis balls need to be tossed & then smashed at the net

I just have to grab my camera & capture these things.

Hello summertime. Cheers!

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