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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Toppings

I'm looking for a new summer nail polish color. I currently have orange polish on my toes but that is sooo last year for me. I am feeling the blues lately but the good news is that it is just nail polish. This was a fun web site to check out nail polish colors.


While I am spending hours "working" on my break, it seems I am always ending up at the computer. Why? I am reading lots of new blogs. Want to read some? Go to this web site & choose a few too. You too need a break from all of your work!


Uggs don't just make great boots. I love their flip flops. I just ordered the fluffie flip flops in black (after I sold all of my textbooks from school this year!)


Speaking of sandals. I love this local store for all of my great finds. Their summer sales should be coming up too. Plus they have an outlet. *They just changed their name to Pink something but I can't remember it right now...


Enjoy the last week of June 2009! Do something summery & fun to see it out. Remember how cold it was in the first few weeks of this month?

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