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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy daze in a haze

I promised I would not cry but with two graduations this week, a few tears slipped out. My oldest daughter is leaving middle school for high school & my younger son is entering middle school. *Remember my last cupcake blog entry a few months back

It has been busy here every day with so many events. The kids have had a ball. My daughter's end of the year festivities have included a trip to Chicago, a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park, a Confirmation, a dance & a graduation ceremony.

None of the above have included my contributions to the ceremonies like a Powerpoint & many dozens of sweets plus shopping for all of the stuff & clothing.

My son has been equally busy but not as well traveled. So last night & today, at the commencement ceremonies, I had a chance to sit back & exhale. I had a chance to reflect that I have 2 great kids who went to 2 great schools. We have had more happy days then unhappy, troubled school days.

My kids are growing up! So in these ceremonies, I took this break from this busy time & shed a few tears. I took the time to capture & enjoy these moments that will be memories in short time. But good memories!

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