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Monday, March 16, 2009

Perfect parfait of a day!

Two of our family are out of town. They got to go have "fun". The two that stayed got to have ice cream for dinner. Delicious ice cream with butterscotch topping on an outside bench! Then it was a drive through the neighborhoods just chatting away enjoying the sun.

As we passed the nature preserve, my son wanted to stop & walk. With beautiful weather, good company and nothing to do, why not? He walked around with a great big stick that looked like a club. He hit dead trees. He left a mark where he could claiming we would need to find our way out. But who wanted to do that?

I had all the time in the world with an 11 year old boy who mind was full of creative ways to pass the time. We left the nature preserve & on the way home, I dropped him off at a neighbors to play basketball.

This is a perfect parfait of a day!

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