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Monday, March 2, 2009

If I Could Talk to the Clothes (sung to If I Could Talk to the Animals)

I was just reading the blog C Jane Enjoy It. She mentioned that she wants some shoes. Not only did she mention it but she talked to them directly. That is me too!

I am a clothes horse! (Yes, you can continue humming If I Could Talk To The Animals - it is appropriate for a clothes horse) There are pieces I love like my new yellow coat, my new boots and my orange sweater. I always tell them that they are delicious. I apologize when I forget about them like I did when I found my orange sweater stuffed in the back of the drawer today. I have promised my yellow coat that I will wear it soon.

I have been anticipating putting away the winter clothes and pulling out my spring ones. Hello blue top with the bow on front and green coat that I just love. Spring is here!

I will continue to welcome you with each season & say a short adieu to you when the seasons pass. Plus I will introduce you to the new pieces that come. And don't we look good.

p.s. my yellow coat was $12 at a resale store in Houston. What a deal & yes, I do love ya!

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