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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

360 cupcakes

It has come. I can't believe it is here. I am frosting the last cupcake of the last birthday of the last elementary year. Tomorrow is my son's birthday and I made the traditional cupcakes for his last elementary birthday.

I am sad. I knew this day would come but it came so fast.

I am happy. Elementary school is hard for kids and for parents. There is so much to do & so much to make like the dreaded 2nd grade castle project or the highly detailed 4th grade geometry poster project and lots and lots of cupcakes.

What is an elementary school birthday without cupcakes?!
I have made 30 cupcakes for 6 years now just for my son. Plus 30 cupcakes for 6 years for my daughter. That is 360 cupcakes!

I have made chocolate ones, vanilla ones, rainbow sprinkle one & red velvet ones. I have frosted them in vanilla & chocolate and made vanilla 1 year into a really bad shade of pink. I have put rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles on them and made them into faces one year I have done Barbie themes, animal themes and sports themes. I have made them in cones too.

I may have eaten almost as many "mistakes" too!


Aunt Sue said...

yummy mistakes!!!!

LaMaman said...

Ah it is the official cake maker.

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