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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundae Toppings

What could be better than spring?! Finally green grass, blooming things & being outside & warm at the same time. I can even see my frog tiles in the garden. I have photos of my indoor tulips in full color & my poor outdoor tulips that you can barely see BUT they are there! Say yes to spring!

I must say my spring is going to be very springy since my life & job status are crazy but I have already started to add pieces to my wardrobe to help me through these springy times.

I ordered this skirt from Boden & hopefully it will fit right. It is a skirt for all occasions. I wanted a pair of pants too but they are already sold out.


I have a new love that I met yesterday at the library. From my favorite magazine, I found my new favorite cookbook: Southern Living Cookbook. I am ordering a used one from Amazon.com for $9.97.

It has croissant French toast with strawberry sauce. Decadent! I also want to try Greek garbanzo stew & orphan's rice. The secret is out that I am a Southerner at heart & also want to cook muffulettas & Hoppin' John.

What else came about over the weekend? My son's birthday party with beautiful weather. So seven 11 year olds played outside most of the time. His favorite present was slingshot rockets that go really high. Warning: do not be near any roofs, as we found out the hard way!


Have a great week. Hopefully I can blog twice this next week but it may have to be from outside sitting in my deck chair. Such a hardship!

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