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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Happy Easter. It is 1 of my faves. It is such a low pressure, high eating holiday!

Plus I found it! I found my red phone! It is a silly little thing but it has made my whole week. Thanks to the blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, I followed a link to VanDykes Restorers & there it was...my old-fashioned, hang-on-the-wall red phone. Check this site out, it is worth it for the old-fashioned at heart.


p.s. I'll show you my red phone when it comes!

I can't thank Delia's enough for helping me dress my daughter. We have been on a search for jeans & a dress for Confirmation. We have been up and down and all around townSSS literally. She has gone into countless dressing rooms with handfuls of clothing & come out with zip, nada, zilch! Until we get to Delia's. (I hate to go to Delia's because it is at the mall I hate to drive too BUT they have a web site too) So what did we find? A great pair of jeans and I ordered 6 dresses from the website for her to try on in the comfort of our home. Cross your fingers.


I am addicted to Google images right now. I had to create a website for class last week on Geocities.com with LOTS of help from my sis and we needed lots of images. We found each & every one there from a cartoon motorcycle to tons of pics from the movies. Whew, it was a relief to have such an easily accessible place to find this stuff then go everywhere on the internet.

Enjoy the day!

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