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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter for teens & pre-teens

I remember my daughter's first Easter as an 8 month old. She received a small basket filled with teething rings. As both kids grew older, the baskets became bigger and their Easter excitement & joy filled the room. We also added an Easter egg hunt. It usually takes 20 minutes but each year there is 1 egg that cannot be found. Thank goodness, my husband keeps count.

I have found this year will be different with an 11 yr. old & a 13 1/2 yr. old. Once again, my daughter has warned my son NOT to wake her up. My son asks if he can get his basket & then watch t.v.

There are no cute adorable stuffed animals in the basket but there is still lots of chocolate. Plus the traditional pair of sunglasses will be in there too. They just will not have Batman on them or be pink. We will also still do the annual Easter egg hunt. (Although nobody was too interested in the Easter egg dying this year.)

They also still want all of the food that comes with Easter like the ham & egg breakfast casserole & the cheesy potatoes for dinner. (Yes, there are no calories on Easter) Plus we will drag them to church but later this year.

So what to do to make this holiday special for my teen and pre-teen? I think it is time for an annual baseball game, weather permitting!

Or a family rock band concert on the Wii since it is my husband's birthday tomorrow too. As you guessed, 1 of his presents is Guitar Hero - Band. Rock on Peeps!

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