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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Toppings

Oh, Aldi's you are so great. Now you have gargantuan size recyclable grocery bags. Luv them. I ended up shopping at Kroger's this week. Btw, they give 5 cents off for each bag you bring. That big bag was filled with 3/4 of my groceries. The bagger kept putting stuff in & putting more stuff in.


I am really enjoying Stone Soup Comics lately. I check in daily but right now two characters have lost their jobs. It is helping me cope too.


Can't have a Sunday without food. We are making hummus as we speak. This is a good recipe for it.


I also have to say I am still in love with the Living Room Bar in Berkley. Last night I had a Samoa martini. Who would have thought a Girl Scout cookie & alcohol together! Yum!

Have a good Sunday.

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