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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brring Brring Calling 4 Faith

Brring, brring, brring.
A True Story From the Cell Phone Generation

Day 1


"Mom, where are you?"

"I am turning the corner. Can you see me now?"


Day 2:


"Mom, are you coming?"

"I am in the parking lot behind the Mini-Cooper in my big blue van!"


Day 3:

"Yes! I am here. Put the phone down and back away from it!"

"Oh I see you. You are turning into the parking lot."

Day 4:

"Hi mom. I am in the middle of soccer practice. Why are you calling me?""

"I have called to sat stop calling me to pick you up, I'm on my way. I am here to get you like I do everyday at the same time from practice. Sometimes there is more traffic, sometimes less. The other day your brother came out with 1 shoe on so I sent him back in to get the other one. I was 30 seconds late. The next day, I was early but stopped to talk with another mom in the parking lot. You could see me! And there was the one time that I was 2 minutes late because I stopped to let the mom goose & her babies cross the street."

"But I am here. You are there with your cell phone. Put it down. Have a little FAITH that I am coming like I do everyday."

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