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Friday, October 3, 2008

This is for K- just to bug her

This is for all teachers & my friend K. We are experts in crowd control but it only takes a small moment, a slight distraction, an itty-bitty sound to disrupt our students from learning. When I went to K's room today on the THIRD FLOOR of our building, she had the above bug pasted on her window. How & why it got there she does not know.

She believes it is dead. She believes it is frozen to her window...for all eternity. It did not move all day. It only served as a mega disruption. I, myself, frequently checked to see if it would move & even banged on the window. I think she should name it or put a headstone above it so the kids know it is gone from this world. Or maybe frame it with a picture frame...

I have a ladder outside of my window. It stays there. I am on the second floor. It is part of the scenery & not so much of a distraction anymore. However, every once in awhile, just as I am teaching a great lesson, one lone hand is raised & I call on that particular student who then says "Madame, do you know there is a ladder outside your window & you are on the 2nd floor?" Argh!!!!

Have a great weekend & pray a great wind will come sweep this bug away!


K said...

Actually, towards the end of the afternoon, he did start to move a little bit, lending some credence to the idea that he was indeed frozen earlier in the day. I started introducing him to my students as something they should do - "Look at the very interesting bug! It's not often you get to see one close up!" This, of course, guaranteed their complete disinterest and solved the problem of the distraction. I do hope he's gone tomorrow morning.

Stacey said...

If he's not gone I hope he's prepared for the quiz.

Margaret said...

Nice bug! Frozen though? I can't believe it's already that cold up there!

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