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Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have fond memories of my mother making dinner almost every night rain or shine. And I mean almost every night, we rarely went out. She cooked a lot of different things from tacos to goulash to chop suey. On the other hand, many of her friends typically did the same dish 1 night per week. I think she kept herself entertained cooking different & sometimes exotic foods as well as to expose us to new foods. The amazing thing is we almost always ate what was in front of us. (Although I still have a vivid memory of my older sister throwing up quiche because she hated it)

I too have turned into this kind of cook and in the midst of my hectic lifestyle, I am driving myself nuts! Yet I can't just eat the same thing week after week. I do not make everything from scratch but I do often become inspired. I was on a huge baked chicken, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, etc. kick this last week.

My mind is already thinking about what sounds good for next week - spinach pie & Greek salad. If you are good at baking spinach pie then you can get the phyllo dough layers tasty & crunchy with lots of butter! Oh yes, I could go down to Greektown in Detroit but like I said I get inspired. Even if this kind of cooking drives me crazy, it is sooo tasty!

Try it yourself.



Aunt Sue said...

There are some things she has to teach me how to make.. like the butter baked chicken, her turkey stuffing, the jellied cranberries, the strawberry mold.. thank goodness for the st. bedes cookbook. the holder of some of the secret recipes

Stacey said...

I used to love getting inspired to cook but somehow ended up with a family of bland eaters.

I need to adopt a family who will appreciate my experiments!

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