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Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was inspired by an article a design magazine called Dominoes that I read about what is a luxury to me. My life has small luxuries but I do love them. Here is list of my top 10 luxuries

1. Someone else unloading the dishwasher
2. Tiramisu from the Astoria Bakery in Royal Oak
3. Having my hair blown out. I have a lot of it & I always give up.
4. Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris.
5. Having a day with my kids with nothing to do & the sun is shining
6. Dinner out with my husband at a really nice restaurant. I feel like I am playing grown up. I especially like it when they sweep the crumbs off my table with a mini-broomlike thing. Fancy!
7. A sweet pair of jeans that fits no matter what.
8. A pair of shoes that I love & buy w/o looking at the price tag. Or any other clothes for that matter. I am a clothing fiend!
9. Las Olas in Mexico - my dream spot!
10. A stack of magazines that I have not read yet & I read & re-read them over & over again.

What are some of your luxuries in life?

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