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Thursday, October 23, 2008

There is nothing....

Yes, the economy sucks. Yes, my life sucks. Yes, there is nothing on t.v. What happened? I need some diversion, some entertainment, something. I have to say I do not like any new tv shows. What is there to like?

First, it seems like there are hardly any new shows. And the ones that have been on for a year or two are just old & tired. I do enjoy 1 or 2 shows. The Office is good but the new plot is pretty weak. Old Christine is funny. I love her sidekick but I find myself switching to reruns of Friends. Gotta love Joey & coffee shops are still in.

I am a tv-aholic & I can't feed my addiction. There isn't even anything to Tivo. I try to catch as much House as I can. I have also seen every Law & Order rerun at least 3x. Du-du-dun!!! I hate to say but it is a crime.

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