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Friday, October 31, 2008

Most Excellent

I can't say enough about these great clothes. They are fashion forward & trendy.
The coats are to die for.


I first found this line of clothing at 1 of my favorite gift shops in the world. It is Catching Fireflies in Berkley. Every time I walk in this shop which is not that big, I spend hours looking in every nook and cranny. Sadly, they no longer carry clothes but I have bought many gifts there. My last purchase was for my anniversary. I bought a wallet & change holder for my uber-organized husband.


Waiting on my nightstand is the new Real Simple magazine for November. I happen to like this magazine, not to mention my sis used to work there. They have some great tips & excellent photos.


I loves Cooks.com too. It always has good recipes plus on the side is a little bar of recently searched recipes. Yes, I am a huge snoop. I love to even see what random people are cooking. And sometimes I get inspired.


Finally, I liked all of these mommy tips from parenting.com but I do most of them already. I need more time or better tips.


My biggest tip is condense all of your errands in 1 trip & try to map it out before you go!
What are some of your time savers?

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