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Friday, October 31, 2008

Celine Dion eat's Hamburger Helper?

As I was sitting in my cozy home enjoying a few moments of mid-morning tv, there was a commercial for Celine Dion's new CD. (BTW-Go Ellen & the View.) I know nobody who will buy that CD. I know nobody who likes Celine Dion. It made me wonder...who are all of these other Celine Dion lovin' people & where do they live?

Who are the people who listen to her? Love her?
And for that matter, who are the people who buy Hamburger Helper?(my mom would never let us have it)
Who are the adults who buy seasonally themed socks? (Why buy witch socks, you can only wear 1 day per year? Unless you are a witch like me, then it is o.k.)
Who are the people who still have time to watch afternoon soap operas?
Who are the people that buy all the clothes I want in the store before I get there? (I never see them wearing them - Don't hoard them in your closets!)
Who are the people that have fuzzy toilet seat covers?

Not that there is anything wrong with these people. I just do not know 1 of them. Do they live in another town? Do they just avoid me? I mean seriously who are the Celine Dion fans? Is it random women between the ages of 50 & 52. Where does she draw from? Do they have the fuzzy toilet seat covers? Do they all live in Vegas & eat Hamburger Helper?

Are you one of them & I just do not know?


Boys & Chaos said...

I am laughing.... My mom will buy the Celine CD and then complain.
I have never, ever ate Hamburger Helper...
will you buy some and let me know how it is?!

Aunt Sue said...

I have eaten hamburger helper and I have to say I liked it..

Celine Dion No.. Fuzzy Toilet covers.. they must still buy them cause they are on the shelves at target.. that is my measure of middle america.. can you get it at target.. and or walmart...

K said...

No to all from me - no Celine Dion, definitely no Hamburger Helper and FOR SURE no fuzzy toilet covers!! Yech!! (I actually do have one friend who loves Celine Dion but I try not to hold it against her :)

Stacey said...

No Celine Dion, no fuzzy toilet seat covers, I think I had Hamburger Help once as a kid .... but I am the adult who buys theme socks that can only be worn one day per year.

It's my private shame.

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