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Friday, October 10, 2008

I have some $$

First of all, I have some money & I do not know how to spend it. It is a reimbursement check from this summer so technically it is free money for me. It is burning a hole in my pocket and my mind. I need a new purse but do I really need a new purse? I need good make up - the discounted mascara that I bought is horrible! I need a good martini & with this money, I can buy at least 5. (I know, a DUI ticket will cost way more)

Last night I was reading my Reader's Digest. It is the one I frugally recycled from my mom's house. There was a great story about a couple from a rural town in Michigan. When they died, they had savings of 3 million dollars! Nobody in the town knew. They lived frugally and made well-thought out purchases. Then they left their money to various people in their lives. The people that they left money to were not just nieces and nephews but friends and neighbors. Their generosity made me cry and helped more than a few people.

So in the spirit of generosity, maybe I will take half this money and give it away and then with the other half, I can get some better mascara and at least 1 martini. The purse will have to wait because now I have no money to put in it.

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