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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I heart Old Navy

I have to say "Score!!!" I love Old Navy's clearance. I just ordered 3 pairs of shorts for my son for $4.99 apiece for next summer online. I also went into the store & bought 1 more pair of plaid shorts for $10 for next year. That is 4 pairs of shorts for about $25! I made an earlier purchase earlier of 2 bathing suits on clearance for him for next year too. Yes!!!

I love the fact that he has not developed discriminating taste yet. I bought him oodles of boxer shorts on clearance too. I mean who really cares at such a young age if your boxers are seasonally appropriate?! Last spring, I also bought his favorite athletic pants on clearance & they sat in the closet all summer waiting for him to grow.

I found baby presents for my friend in Houston at Old Navy. (if this is you, friend in Houston, then stop reading now & do NOT ruin the surprise!!) The baby summer clearance was an additional 50% off. Since she lives in Houston, she does not need winter baby clothing. Perfect!

My former babysitter for my daughter in Cincinnati gave me the best advice of my life for clothing purchases. The advice was buy ahead if anything is dirt cheap & put it in a closet. She ought to know how to get a deal because she had 6 kids & needed to buy things as cheaply as possible. I have been doing this for my kids and myself too. I buy mittens, hats and boots in the spring when I can. I buy bathing suits in the fall. Wait, maybe I do not just heart Old Navy...maybe I heart cheap!

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