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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fabulous & Most Excellent

There are a few cool things that I found this week.

I went to a Cabi party last night. The clothes were great. They were a little too worky for me but the shirts, casual jackets & sweaters were nice. Plus they have these great blouses made of t-shirt material. I am sure many of you like me have that peek-a-boo effect with the buttons that just do not seem to close in the chest area. These shirts do not button but cleverly zipper! The clothes were classic and comfortable. That is a great fit for anyone. I bought a great black shirt for going out. I also loved the shoes but guess what, they were not part of the line. Darn!


Guess who is planning the 5th grade Halloween party at my son's school? You!! You are awfully generous. No, it is moi. I have done a few of these and my go-to web site for ideas is the Family Fun website. They have great recipes, games & party ideas. I can't say enough about this web site & magazine. It has been a great help to me with ideas to entertain and excite my kids on sunny & rainy days, any holiday and anything in between.

Plus I was there yesterday looking for recipe ideas for dinner. They have a whole month of recipe ideas. I am going with the baked ziti - what about you?


Have you been to the E.L.Johnson Nature Center yet? My kids & I went this summer. They loved it. Plus what an inexpensive outing for a family, It has an old-fashioned cabin with a working swing. The walkway over the small lake is fun too. They also have some animals to visit. My neighbor told me all about this great place. Go & enjoy the quiet time with your own family.

E. L. Johnson Nature Center
3325 Franklin Road
Bloomfield Township, MI


Don't wear the Cabi clothes to the nature center. Save those for dinner out! Enjoy the weekend.

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