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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What to write about?

I could tell you about this beautiful weekend, my great run & a family visit. I could tell you about my son's horrible football game - a bad loss. I could tell you about the great applesauce I made this weekend or a pair of pants that I found. But wouldn't that be boring?

I could tell you both kids were dragging this weekend with slight colds but things had to be done. My daughter had a Bar Mitvah. My son came home from 5th grade camp & then played football. I could tell you my husband helped his friend with his car this weekend instead of helping me!!

Am I boring you yet? Plz don't read on...

I could tell you about the great other pair of pants I ordered which are backordered for 11 weeks. Or that I finally had a Corona Light which oddly I have been craving for about a month now. (& it was all alone in a bar with my husband) I could tell I watched Sex & the City & liked and hated it. I could tell you I ate dessert for dinner last night. It was a brownie with ice cream and caramel sauce plus nuts!!! (I curse my friend who told me I was losing weight. That was the best excuse for indulging this weekend. A beer & a brownie, unheard of..)

I could tell you lots of things but wouldn't that bore you? O.k. I'll stop! Have a great last week/first week of Sept/Oct!

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