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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be aware if you care

So I was driving home today listening to my favorite radio station WUOM out of Ann Arbor, Michigan & catching a good show called Talk of the nation.(http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/michigan/guide.guidemain) They were discussing how easily someone can take all of the information that you have put out on the Internet to access your accounts. If you are on Facebook, blog or have any web sites with genealogical information among other sites then you are giving out key pieces of information about yourself. These pieces of information can help somebody access your accounts via a password change option.

I had my purse stolen in February and I am just waiting for the new "me" to show up somewhere. I am still double checking everything like bank accounts and credit reports. BUT when I applied for a new credit card the other day, they asked me some security questions like my mother's maiden name, my dog's name, etc. This is information that if someone wants to dig enough on the Internet then they can find it about me.

So yes, I went into Facebook & changed my birth date & age to some crazy date & even crazier age. Plus on my computer access now, I do not answer the codes honestly. I enter whatever I want because after all, it is not like a computer knows the correct answer. Nobody will double check if I lied & said my pet when I was young was ice cream. It is nonsensical & nobody can guess. So plz be aware if you care and make it harder for someone to access your info!

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