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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sorry Starbuck's

It has been since April that I have had to cut way back on everything. One of the biggest cutbacks was sadly Starbuck's. I was not a double mocha chocolate with everything kind of coffee drinker. Sometimes I ordered hot chocolate and other times, it was a light cafe mocha and almost always a pack of almonds. However both drinks drained my wallet.

Now I am my own barrista. I buy the flavored coffee creams from the grocery store. This week it is Tiramisu. It is pretty good and pretty reasonable. (Dare I say cheap?) I am proud of my cutbacks. I am proud that I am able to stay away from Starbuck's. However I am going to get a double mocha chocolate with everything when I finish my degree. For now, welcome to La Maman's cafe, can I help you?

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Stacey said...

I'll take a light cafe mocha, please.

I, too, have cut back on Starbucks. It is now saved for occasions when I have to meet with someone and I find that I actually enjoy it more now. I'm sure I took it for granted when I was a frequent customer.

Though I still have fond memories of stopping by the Maple and Lahser location a few times a week on the way home from the gym with my toddler boy. I got a coffee for me and a ginger cookie for him and I had the amount of time it took him to finish that cookie to get through the grocery store next door. When we entered my son always said "Cookie store!" in his happiest baby voice and the manager eventually gave him his own black Starbucks apron.

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