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Monday, September 15, 2008

I hate my name...

The other day, my son told me he hates his name. It is too common. He wants a name like his dad has. This is ironic because his dad has 1 of the most common names in the world. I loved my son's name. It was unique even though it was major Beverly Hills 90210. We had to go with an Irish name and hated all of the traditional ones like Patrick and Sean. I told him to be happy because he might have hated some of the other unique Irish names that we were considering. He could have been an Aidan or Liam or Ciaran or Keoghan (which I could not even pronounce).

I hate my name. It is too old-fashioned. Nobody likes to say it. Everyone wants to shorten it to Marty. You do not even want to see what the Marty in my mind looks like! I read recently that my name could have been shortened to Maddy. Now I like that. I could have been a whole different person with that name.

My 1 sister is pregnant. She already has a daughter to whom I thought she gave a unique name too but now I hear it everywhere. My daughter says she should name the new baby Kailey or Lily or if it is a boy, Evan or Sam. Believe or not, I have dozens of girls and boys named those names in my school. We have no Patty's or Carol's or Tracy's or Molly's or Steven's or Kevin's. Those names have cycled through. I now have a Kora and Lauren and a Grace and thousands of Brandon's and Zack's. I understand I will be seeing lots of Olivia's and Madison's plus a few Jaden's and Jackson's in the near future.

So, who loves their name? Does it fit you?

Btw, if my pregnant sister reads this blog today, my daughter & I both agree that all of the Sarah's we know are sweet and kind and calm or Kyra for "little dark-haired one" and we like Benjamin for a boy. Do you know it means 'youngest one"?


Stacey said...

I've actually always liked my name. Not completely unheard of, but not common, just always rare enough to make me feel special. Though it does have a bit of a "cheerleader" rep that gives me pause.

Did you see the article in the paper last week about the new popular baby names? I wrote about it in my blog, todaysdistraction.com.

Noelle said...

Your smart cousin loves your name. In fact, had devil 1 or devil 2 been a girl, they would have had your name. I still held out hope that we would have another but becoming single is sure fire birth control. I used to hate my name. It's a hooker name. And it's ethnic, albeit in a good way. Then I learned about the person I am named after. And those who loved him. And then I loved my name. And I named Devil 2 after the same man. It's somewhat difficult to have a different last name than your kids. But after I loved my name, I told everyone, "I came into this world with that name, and I am going out the same way." P.S. We would have called her Mimi

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