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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy birthday to my 13 year old

I can't believe I have a 13 year old daughter. Happy birthday & enjoy this great day. I am wishing you many happy returns & I do not mean your presents. (1 more trip to the mall) I remember falling in love with you the instant they handed you to me as a newborn & it has not stopped. I also remember seeing your dad fall in love with you too. I will never forget how his heart melted when he saw you.

You are my daughter who came running down the stairs on the day after Christmas when you were 2 and said "Is it Christmas again!?!". You are my daughter who told grandma to go home when you were 2 1/2 so you could take care of your newborn brother. You are my daughter who always smiles. You are the lucky one who got all of the Irish kisses/freckles. You are my daughter who wrote on your facebook updates "Riley is happy like always." (That melted my heart too) You are my daughter with whom I love to chat and watch movies with and above all, is my Starbuck's pal.

I want to give you the world. You deserve it all. I wish for a smooth next few years in high school. I wish for a great first love. I wish for you more time with your music and great sports experiences (volleyball -woo-hoo). I wish for you summers filled with sun like we like. I wish for you days and nights full of laughter with great friends. I wish for you inspiring teachers and more time with people and pets you love. I could go on and on. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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