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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freebies for you and me

I stumbled upon this blog about a year ago. (www.momadvice.com - click on blog) It is called Motherload the Mom Advice. It was 1 of the best days for me. We were in the midst of back to school shopping & guess what she had. She listed a coupon for $10 off at Pink by Victoria's Secret. Now if you have a pre-teen daughter like mine then you know this place is like a candy store for them. We printed off two, of course! My daughter used 1 for 1 purchase & I used 1 for another purchase.

Ever since then 1 of my Friday joys is to visit her web site & see what I can get for free. She calls it Freebie Friday. So let's see, today I signed up to get 3 products. The first is another free reusable tote - more on those later. The second is a free Kashi cookie. MMMM, cookies! The third is a free sample of Bare Naked granola - good stuff.

The kids love getting all of the freebie foods in the mail. I love supplementing some of the things I would normally have to buy or buy a lot of to try. To quote the other Martha - It's a good thing or for me, It's a lot of good things. Visit her blog anytime & see what you can get for free!

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