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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Long day, long way

I can't wait until April. I am back at college trying to succeed. There are so many little problems. Today, I had to drop out of 1 class & pick up another. The new class is a little more work but it is the one I have to have. I had to do this all in the middle of the my school day too. We also had a fire drill during my time with the 6th graders (huge distraction) & meetings after school plus my son's curriculum night.

So when April comes I am hoping to have a Spanish endorsement under my belt, my loving husband says if I do not get it then at least I tried. Well, hopefully my hair won't be completely grey! These past few months have aged me. So yes it has been a long day and yes, I have a long way to go. Wish me luck and send some hair dye my way - chocolate brown.

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