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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teens and flexibility

I know you think you know what I am going to write about but this day was a good one. True, it rained all day but my kids are older now and more flexible. Our whole life is more flexible with the older kids. I no longer have to feed them at set times or give over huge chunks of time for naps for them. I do not even remember what my diaper bag looked like! We travel light and easy and flexibly now.

Saturday started with rain and ended with rain. Of course, I took my daughter to the mall. Then we came back home and grabbed a way overdue DVD to return to the library. My son and husband decided to come along too. When we arrived at the library, we saw an art fair next door. My son wanted to go. Why not?

It was rainy and yucky but everybody could handle it. We walked around the fair and sympathised with the craftsmen who were not getting any visitors. My daughter did have a moment when she walked in mud in her new Converse but there were no tears. Remember, we are flexible. She just walked in the next puddle and cleaned the mud off herself.

The library was great too. Everyone went their own way to find their own treasures. I did walk the stacks with my son to help him find his books. Once we were done though, I could leave him and get my own selections. There was a time when my kids were young and I felt like I was caged in the children's wing of the library. I could only just barely see into the adult stacks and could rarely get over there alone to peruse the stacks.

We came home and watched a free DVD from the library. My daughter's choice was Breakfast at Tiffany's. Then my son took over the tv to play a Wii game that he rented free from the library. We just hung out. We just chilled but the best part was that everyone was happy and flexible and this time I got a nap!

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