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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My luck is in a mid-life crisis

My luck has been awful lately. I do catch breaks from time to time but I would love to find a four leaf clover. The past 3 times I have tried to drive to EMU, I get stuck in some real jams. The day before I was to leave for Texas my engine light came on. My dog is on his last legs literally.

This year I have had my purse stolen out of my car by breaking the window to get it. One of my favorite aunts died. My job is in jeopardy. Two out of three of our pets have already died. I have a kidney stone. I took my daughter out of swimming and now she is bored!

I will turn forty next year & I feel like I coasted through my 30's. I'm wondering if there is some cosmic shift going on or is God playing catch up with me? I look at my bad luck and do not see earthquakes, fire or bankruptcy but we still have 4 more months of 2008!

I have prayed to God. I have tried to look on the bright side. My mom says it is just life. I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis. This is not the mid-life crisis I expected. I do not even get a sports car or Botox!

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