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Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorite parts of the house

Every morning I religiously watered my tomatoes & zucchini. I would drag the sprinkler over to the side of the house, turn it on and walk away. A few minutes and yes sometimes, a half an hour later, I would turn it off, walk back and get the sprinkler. The best part was the sprinkler made this deliciously deep puddle next to the tomatoes. Every morning I would plant both my feet in that cold puddle and let out a big sigh. It was a zen moment & cheaper than deep breathing at a yoga class.

I love that corner of my house. I landscaped it myself. My husband made the walkway out of cement and forms. He had the kids put their hand prints in the pathway and the poor cat and dog added their paw prints too. I have a trellis on which nothing grows but it looks so decorative. I have a bird's nest hanging out of the tree. I think I feng shui'ed it but not on purpose.

There is also a patch of sun in the winter that comes through my back door and lands on whatever chair or sofa is there. I love that patch in February when my bones are cold. I lay in it and instantly fall asleep. I make the kids play board games there too so I can soak up whatever heat I can to get me through another Michigan winter. I love our double chair in that room that is so comfy for 1 & great for 2 people.

Lately, I have been loving the basement. With 2 pre-teens and 2 t.v.'s upstairs, nobody is happy, except me. I have been sneaking down to the basement. O.k. I call it my spa/workout/lounge area. I have my new favorite hated book Gorgeously Green with lots of easy yoga poses in it. Plus some wonderful facial concoctions in it that I look at & want to try. I have my jump rope, weights and my favorite work outs torn out from my Fitness magazine. I also have my own remote controller to a smallish t.v. It is nirvana for me.

My husband has come home multiple times and cannot find me. I joyfully listen to his footsteps walking around the upstairs looking for me. He loves to come down and find me alone. Our kids have a 6th sense of when we want to be alone. We no sooner hug than 1 of them is between us. This is not my favorite house by far and we do hope to move someday. However, I do love these spots. They give me sanity, comfort and joy.

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