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Friday, August 8, 2008

Fall in the summer

So yesterday the temperature went down a few degrees. A few degrees is enough for me to pull out my sweatshirts. I am cold-blooded. I do not want to fall to come but I admit that I look forward to what it brings.

It has a newness all its own. It is not the spring newness with new flowers, leaves on the trees and the bright sun. The newness of fall revolves around school. I love new books, new pencils and new shoes. I had to throw away my son's old tennis shoes the other day. You would not even believe the state they were in. I could not even think of giving them away.

Fall also brings a new sense of time. Summer provides the long days with no breaks from the heat. Fall provides cool days with a shorter time that makes one hurry to get all the fun stuff in. My son plays football in the fall. While the days are great for football with temps just right, it can be a rush to get the evening practices in before you can't see the ball or feel your fingers.

Don't get me wrong I am still enjoying summer. I do however start looking forward to pulling out my jeans and some long sleeved tees. I get to buy a new fleece jacket this year and I am looking forward to that. I do love my comfortable shorts and simple t-shirts that make summer so easy. I have my favorite flip flops waiting by the door. But my kids are already talking about school and fall sports while we loll around the house. I think we are in the dreaming stage about fall right now because of this touch of cool weather.

So that being said enjoy the few weeks of summer left. Go get that 1 last ice cream cone. Eat your one last piece of corn on the cob. Have a great glass of wine on your deck. Relish in the summer when livin' is truly easy and let time fall by the wayside before fall falls into our laps.

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