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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gorgeously Green book review - not so pretty

I was at my local library this week & decided NOT to get any fictional books to read. I have a final and a placement test this week. I cannot afford to become absorbed in a good book. So I picked up a few non-fictional books that caught my eye. One of them was you guessed it "Gorgeously Green" by Sophia Uliano. I saw her on Oprah & was intrigued about the book.

I have to say I cannot believe how being green can be so pretentious. I was not looking for hippie or granola literature on being green but this was so far off that I was disgusted. I also never knew being green could be so expensive. I mean most of us are not Julia Roberts(she write the forward in the book). I cannot shell out 1,000's of dollars to make my life eco-friendly. She gave more web sites and shopping tips than she gave good environmental advice. I guess that is where the gorgeous part plays into her book. We the women of the world according to her need to stand up, be green and girlie at the same time.

I honestly have to say I was not even aware that being green made you un-girlie. I don't know. Maybe she could write off all of her green purchases because of the book. Doesn't shopping NOT equal being environmentally friendly? This book made me feel not excited about helping the environment but depressed because I do not have enough money to spend to save the environment.

p.s. I do have to say I like the idea of environmentally friendly nail polish but have you ever tried environmentally friendly make-up? It is a natural disaster!

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