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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't need super nanny, I just need a little help

First I am writing this blog so I can avoid going running. Second, my household is not crazy nor are my kids so I do not think I need a super nanny. Third, I just want someone to peer into my house for a little while and then make some constructive comments. There always seems to 1 or 2 things that I can never get the kids, my husband or the dog to do. I need a little advice form the outside world on how to gets these small changes implemented.

I mean, I know many women who have the same complaints. First, why can no one else replace a roll of toilet paper? I am the one who just happens to have to go to the bathroom the second the roll runs out? There are 2 bathrooms in our house & I know I do not go to the bathroom that much. I know the answer is to buy that super toilet paper roller that goes in public bathrooms. It just does not match the aesthetic.

Furthermore, doesn't anybody else see the cobwebs, dust or that major milk spill on the kitchen floor? O.k. when I was first married, I did not own a vacuum cleaner. Yes, we had unvacuumed carpeting in our apartment. My husband said nothing. Then my mother-in-law came to visit. She said nothing too. However I was mortified when we were all sitting in the family room and she started dusting the entertainment center. Didn't she know we twenty-somethings had better things to do than clean? The upside is she sent us a check the following week for a new vacuum cleaner. Cha-ching! As time went by, admittedly I have become a better cleaner/maid. p.s. we still have that vacuum cleaner

Am I the only one who can successfully take a dish to the sink, rinse it and then transport it to the dishwasher. Yes, my dog is the worst offender here. Ha-ha! I wish it was him because he seems to be trainable. It is the follow through on this type of chore that drives me crazy. It is an epidemic in our house. It seems to happen with clean & dirty laundry, household fix-ups and food prep to name a few chores. One to two steps is always seems to be conveniently forgotten or was going to be done "later".

So do you think super nanny would be up to this challenge? Or is there a better way to solve these kind of problems? Am I just supposed to wait for when my kids have their own homes? Then I can go over and sabotage them. (Btw, my mom lives next door, maybe she is the culprit) O.k. now I am steamed up. I think I gave myself a reason to go running (away) from my house for awhile. Maybe I'll bring the dog.

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