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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My great ideas, where did they go?

I was out running this morning & had some really great ideas. However, now at close to 3 p.m. they are gone. I mean these ideas were brilliant & I was ready to do them whatever it takes. I have heard people write things down on paper in the middle of the night so not to forget their great ideas. I do not want to start carrying a pen & paper while I am out running.

I have had 1 of those days anyway. I kept asking the kids where the tape was that I set down on the desk when it was actually in my hand. I was certain my cell phone was waiting for me in my car. Oh no, it was on a table in the house. Why do our brains turn to mush? I am not so busy. It is summer for goodness sake. Sure, my old dog woke me up 5 times in the past 2 nights but I took a nap!

So I still can't think of my great ideas from this morning. I am so sad they are lost. They were super. I could have been a millionaire by the end of this year with some of those suckers! Maybe tomorrow I'll take a sharpie & write on myself when a great idea comes to me. (Or was that 1 of my great ideas from this a.m., hmmm?!)

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