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Monday, August 25, 2008

Last two days

For me it is the official last 2 days of summer vacation 2008. Wow, what a crazy summer! School for me, vacation to the Jersey shore, a trip to Texas, my first time to Texas, an old dog, new tomato plants & the zucchini is coming in, my son's redone bedroom, a basement clean out, tennis, tennis & more tennis, strawberry steusel muffins, living on a budget, a day at Paradise Park, a new nature center in West Bloomfield to explore, first fishing expedition, camping with the dad's side of the family, Cheeze-Its & 4 extra pounds, many 6 mile runs, water fights on the trampoline, my son riding his bike everywhere, my daughter reading a lot, taco salad, grilling in the backyard & so much more. I can't believe its over!

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