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Saturday, December 27, 2008

BabyTeen Firsts

Your darling teen-ager is changing day-to-day & hour-to-hour. First, stay out of the way & second, write it all down. You may need this for blackmail in the upcoming years.

First hair color change_____________________________

First piercing______________________________________

First rebellious act________________________________

First clothing shop_________________________________

First must-have item or she'll die!________________________________

First "It's not fair!" reaction__________________________________

First mean look directed at you___________________________________

First day she slept in past noon_________________________________

First book she read that you did not understand_______________________________

First music choice that hurt your ears________________________________________

More tomorrow....


Aunt Sue said...

I think this is a good idea.. I think you need to start writing this and then you can retire...

LaMaman said...

From your lips to God's ears

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