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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crafty, chocolatey goo

I think I am not so not crafty. No, I know I am so not crafty. I had great visions of beautiful chocolate covered pretzels drizzled in white chocolate to give out to everyone but in reality, they look sad and lumpy. Tonight, we attempted a few of those gorgeously drizzled chocolate covered pretzels. Well, they are pretzels and they are covered in chocolate but they do not look pretty.

I did this last year and took me 1-2 days to get the swing of it & make halfway decent ones. My pretzels turned out o.k. eventually. So why did I do it again this year? Why do I dream in Martha Stewart but wake up to a lumpy, chocolate covered reality?

O.k. so I am not crafty but wait for it, when you make chocolate lumpy messes they taste just as good as Martha Stewart's & nobody cares!

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