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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few snowy, crafty things

So remember I said "I was NOT crafty." Well, that skipped a generation. I am uploading proudly my daughter's cupcakes. She created some cute cupcakes to give to friends. My favs were the Santas but I liked how she also made some into gifts.

I did mention the snow? Yes, it came and came and came. We had a snow day. The kids went outside and played. This quickly made me realize that we need more snow stuff. Everybody has grown out of everything. The rest of the day was spent on the couch. Later in the evening, our friends came in to visit & we drove or rather slid to their hotel. The most perilous part of the journey was getting out of our driveway. But it was worth every minute letting the kids swim in the pool while we sat by and had a few glasses of wine & talked.

Those poor cupcakes never made it to school. But they were enjoyed by us and our friends! My daughter will just have to think up a New Year's cupcake for when she gets back to school.


Aunt Sue said...

Oh Riley did such a good job.. She can help me get ready for the christmas deserts

LaMaman said...

I heard u 2 fought over them!

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