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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Blog Jog

The weather forecast is a snowstorm. Maybe there will be a snow day tomorrow but for now the sun is out & it is brilliant. I will go for a blog jog.

I throw on my long underwear, running pants, my trusty red outer layer (just as old as my son) and my 1/2 mits, 1/2 gloves plus any old hat. Here I go. The best part of running is deciding which way I go.

I turn right today and go down the hill. Going down a hill feels so good. I turn the corner and watch out for the ice. The snow feels like sand as I slog through someone's unshoveled sidewalk. God but the sun feels good although I should have worn my sunglasses.

I am out of the sub now and looking every which way so I can cross the street. The light is red on my side and the cars are stopped. I go. Beep, blare, beeep! What is wrong?! Somebody wants to turn and I am in their way! I look up and shrug at them. My fingers are in my 1/2 glove, 1/2 mits - the shrug is my only way to show them that they are wrong!

I am listening to my public radio station but it is just droning in my ear. My thoughts come and go about next week and how do I get my husband to wrap all those presents with me? I turn into the next sub and go by all of the familiar houses. At 4 p.m. it seems nobody is home and all is quiet.

I am crossing the street again to do my longest, yuckiest loop. This street is nowhere near plowed. Argh! I am done with this loop and going around the local high school. Ah, plowed pavement. O.k. I am more than halfway done.

I go through the next sub and cut back to my sub. I know my son's bus is near because I see parents waiting for their own kids. I start to run a little faster because running gives me an excuse to meet my 10 year old at his bus stop. And he still looks cool. I turn the corner and there is the bus. I am done and my son has a tin of popcorn from his teacher. Yes, this makes running worth it!

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